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Illinois has a thriving metropolis, the city of Chicago, and as it is situated in the heart of the Midwest, it provides a wide variety of job opportunities when it comes to having your commercial driver’s license. Trucking jobs are projected to continue to become more numerous through 2022 and Illinois cannot only provide an array of jobs; they tend to pay more than the national average. To get your IL CDL, you’ll first need to pass a written general knowledge test as well as any additional tests for endorsements like school bus driving, passenger transport, multi-trailer, tanker, air brakes, and HazMat. The tests can be difficult, but they will help you be efficient at your job and keep you and other individuals on the road safe.

How to Prepare

To study for your CDL test, download the 2023 IL CDL Handbook, and grab a pen and paper. Read the handbook carefully and take notes as you go along. There are hundreds of possible questions on your written exam, but they will all come directly from the CDL manual, so if you study carefully, you can know the answers to all the possible questions. Make sure to stay focused, as there is a lot to take in, so if you start to get restless, take a short break and then come back. Once you’ve read the entire handbook, be sure to look over your notes for areas that seemed difficult to grasp or a little fuzzy and then reread those sections.

Final Steps

If you’re feeling ready for your test, it’s a good idea to read the IL CDL study guide one more time, glance over your notes, and then head on over to the DMV. Your knowledge test will be multiple-choice so take a deep breath, remember what you’ve been studying, and you’ll do fine! Get ready to be a licensed truck driver across Illinois, the Midwest, and the whole country.